• April 15th through October 10th – Bass, Combo or Bottom

Minimum $1,000 for first 6, plus $100 per person above first 6

**Special**$1,500 for 12** plus $100pp above first 12**

**Discounts for Groups 15+ Available – Please Call or email**

  • Extended Full Day Ocean Fluke/Bottom (8-9 hrs)

Minimum $1,500 for 12 plus $100per person above first 12

**Discounts for Groups 15+ Available – Please Call or email**

  • October 11th through December 31st – Full Day Blackfish

Minimum $1,800 for first 15 (which is $120pp), plus $100 per person above first 15

013 (960x1280)HALF DAY PRIVATE CHARTERS – (4 hours)

$800 for first 6, plus $80 per person above first 6

**Please Contact Us For Large Group Rates**

**Discounts For Children Age 12 and Under Available**


$1,000 for first 6, plus $100 per person above first 6

**Please Contact Us For Large Group Rates**

**We can fish up to 10 rods per drift on Bass trips!**



SPLIT CHARTER (Open Boat) – Reservations Required

Full Day (7-8 hours) – – – $120 per person

Extended Full Day Ocean (8-9 hours)$130 per person

Night Bass (6 hours) – – – $125 per person

Our “Split Charters” are just like our private charters except you don’t worry about filling the boat, we do.  Yes, the fare is higher than on a typical “Open Boat” but all bait ,tackle, ice, etc. is included, just like on a private charter.  Also, the trips are “limited load” so there’s never a crowded boat!  You get the same private charter experience and get to meet some great people.

  **We offer a full “Split Charter” schedule throughout the entire season.  Day and Night.  Want to fish Orient and don’t have a big enough group?  Contact us.  We’ll put it together for you** 

What’s Included?

All trips include all bait, tackle, use of rod and reel and ice. Our expert crew will provide instruction as necessary and assist you for the entire trip. Your catch will be cared for and cleaned, bagged and iced for your trip home. The crew will also digitally photograph your catch and e-mail your pictures upon request.


The only thing not included in the above rates is a 15-20% tip based on the total charter rate or open boat fare.  A minimum of $20 per person tip on open boat trips please.  This is standard and payable directly to the 1st mate, who will always be working hard for you the entire trip and a couple of hours before and after your departure.

*** Please don’t forget the mates. They work long, hard hours***