Picture 086What To Bring

While we provide most of what you will need for a successful trip, there are a few personal items you may wish to bring:

  • Sun protection (Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen)
  • Extra Clothing (Layers are Best, Hoodie, etc.)
  • Rain Gear & Boots (Always a Good Idea)
  • Any Medications you may require
  • Food & Drinks
  • Camera

A duffle bag and a small cooler will store all of your items neatly.  A small fish cooler is fine but please avoid bringing many big coolers aboard as they get in the way of the crew trying to get around the boat to help you.  Keeping the deck clear of obstacles helps us to help you.   13 Alcohol While beer and wine are permitted, we strongly discourage hard liquor aboard the vessel.  Have a great time, but please drink responsibly and arrange for safe tranportation to and from the boat.    Remember to stay sharp so you don’t miss your chance when that big fish of a lifetime comes calling!  The Captain reserves the right to end a trip early or turn the trip into a cruise should the deck ever become unsafe for fishing due to excessive drinking.  

 CancellationPicture 027 (2)

Please allow the Captain to make decisions whether to sail or not due to weather related issues.  We are experienced and have “local knowledge” of our waters that the TV weathermen based in NYC are unaware of.  We always have the safety of our passengers first and foremost in our minds when making decisions.  If we can fish safely and in comfort, we generally sail.  Generally, a forecast of rain and or thunderstorms will not cause the cancellation of a trip unless it is associated with strong sustained winds.  Also remember that the direction of the wind matters a lot and that we are blessed with many great fishing grounds that are sheltered behind islands or in the lee of land.  It is one of the many reasons that Orient is such a great place to fish! 005 (23)  001 (768x1024)001 (10)